It's your party, do what you want

8115 Spring Valley Rd NW



Throwing your event at Skylark has it's perks:

BYOB (because who doesn't want to avoid the astronomical prices of liquid refreshments)
Catering (enjoy some pocketbook and taste bud freedom)
DJ (your music your dance party) *We have an in-house DJ if wanted.
Lighting is a big deal. We understand you want the ability to see your guests, that's why we provide ample electricity and you provide the lighting of your choice.
We know restrooms are important! That's why we provide 2 basic port-a-potties for you as a part of your package.
We provide 4, 30 gallon cans and WE RECYCLE!


Ample time for setup and teardown is critical, we get it. The day of your event you have access to our grounds between 8AM and 11PM. If you believe additional time is necessary, that can be arranged in contract negotiations. 

WEEKEND PRICING: $1,200 for the hours between 8AM and 11PM

WEEKDAY PRICING: Get a QUOTE HERE or call us at 503.551.9845


-sparklers and fireworks (basically anything that might piss off smoky the bear. He doesn't want you to start a forest fire.)

-smoking in designated areas ONLY (cigarette butts aren't sexy, fun, or healthy)



What time is the party over?

We don't care as long as it's wrapped up by 11pm. We want the neighbors to love us, still.

Do you provide clean up?

No, we provide the 4, 30 gallon garbage cans. Any additional garbage must be hauled away, unless you want an added fee tacked on to the total bill. And WE RECYCLE!

Can I really use ANY caterer?


Is there a room to get ready?

No. Come ready. We will provide a mirror and dressing table for touch ups and to make sure you're looking fabulous!

Can my 16 year old cousin have a few drinks?

Would the police be okay with that? Nope, we didn't think so. If it's against the law of the state it's against the law of the venue.

Do I HAVE to have insurance?

Yes, we need to make sure that is in place 30 days before your event. When you get to the contract part we tell you the specifics.

What if I don't want to use the provided port-a-potties?

That's the beauty of choice! If you want to get more fancy, you can upgrade for an extra fee.

What if I decided I don't want to party on with Wayne after all?

We keep your deposit, you are officially let go of your contract.

How do I show you the money?

We require a deposit of 50% of the cost and a security deposit at the time of booking.

How can I take a tour of the property?

Viewing the property is by appointment only. Please fill out our contact form to arrange a date and time.